Kommissar Rex

Kommissar Rex is a TV series the main hero of which is a German shepherd named Rex, who works as a member of staff in the department of investigation of the particularly serious crimes of Vienna.
Thanks to the skills, the dog helped to uncover many difficult and intricate crimes. However, a sensitive sense of smell and bravery are not the only his dignity. Besides, Rex is a loyal and faithful partner who is always ready to help.

He has proved it more than once by saving lives either of ordinary citizens or his colleagues. Every day, Rex protects the law along with other police officers. He is irreplaceable assistant, because he is capable to catch up even the fastest offender, get unnoticed when it is required and the most important, Rex always helps to find a way out even from the most difficult situation. At the same time Rex is still a dog and still has some everyday weaknesses which he shows when he has spare time.