Bella and the Bulldogs review

Bella and the Bulldogs is a TV series in the center of the plot of which is a sixteen-years-old girl named Bella, who is studying in one of the Texas schools.

Bella and the Bulldogs
The heroine is smart, confident and at first glance leads the same lifestyle as her peers. However, Bella is still a bit different from the other girls and all because she is crazy about football. She not only loves everything that is connected with the sport, but also plays pretty good. More than anything, Bella wants to become a member of the local football team called “Bulldogs”, but it’s not so easy, especially when it comes to fragile representative of the fairer sex. She is not the one who simply gives up and makes everything possible to get closer to her dream.

At first, Bella becomes a member of a support group and one day she even receives a proposal to change the pompons of cheerleaders on the ball. She is unbelievably happy about that. However, the same cannot be said about the male representatives of team, because, in their opinion, Bella will not bring any good to the game. Soon the situation dramatically changes and persistence of a schoolgirl makes brutal guys change their mind.



Camelot is a series in the plot of which it goes about the medieval legend of King Arthur who reigned in Britain back in the 5th century. Camelot series
Some time ago the King of Great Britain has lost his wife and now shares a large castle with his daughter Morgan. But the ruler falls in love again and takes his beloved to live with him. His daughter is totally against this union, but after realizing that she could not stop it, she leaves the parental home.

During the long fifteen years Morgan is living in the monastery, where she masters the black magic. Once the current king dies and cold-blooded Morgan returns to take the throne. Suddenly, it becomes known that there is another contender in the face of an illegitimate son of the king – Arthur. Between him and the half-sister there starts to be the real confrontation for the right to become the head of the country.

There is a powerful magician Merlin who is on the side of Arthur, but Morgan is ready to do everything for her victory. That is why she addresses to the dark forces. It is her who is guilty for the death of her parent. That is why she will stop at nothing while achieving her major goal.